Why should I use a broker?

A broker does the work for you, meaning they will find the best solution for you and your business saving you time and money. They are able to "shop" the various options that will meet your needs.

What's the difference between Payroll & PEO?

Both services will meet the payroll aspects of your business but when using a PEO service they will assume employee liability due to the fact that the employees are assumed by the PEO.

Is there a cost difference between Payroll & PEO?

Cost varies depending on your business needs. We will evaluate your needs and find the best, most cost effective solution for you and your business.

What does PEO stand for?

Professional Employee Organization

What benefits do I get choosing a PEO versus a Payroll Company?

A PEO assumes all liability for your employees which means they will handle your workers' comp audits, unemployment claims, payroll tax filings, end of year W-2 and all other HR needs.

Are my employees still my employees?

Yes. Except with a PEO you enter into a co-employemt relationship. Which mean that the employer still handles the day to day operations / engagement with the employee i.e. hiring / termination process, management and daily interaction while the PEO company assumes the liability for workers comp, unemployment and handles processing all the claims.

Do I need Workers' Compensation Insurance?

Of course, any company that has three or more employee is required to carry workers' compensation insurance unless there is an exemption form filed wth the state. There are many benefits to having worker's comp insurance but the most beneficial reason to carry works' comp insurance on your employees  is to prevent any legal action against you or your company should someone become injured on the job.